A Space to Call His Own - My Journey finding an eco-friendly kid’s desk for our homeschool classroom - A DesksForKids Review

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Can't you tell by the shape of the seat, it's made for your butt, and not your feet? That's what my Grandma used to say to me as a child. It always stuck around in my head because of the nifty rhyme, and I have even been caught saying it to Syfy every now and then (I have to keep her memory alive somehow!). Though I do not plan on our homeschool kindergarten being tethered to a desk, I did want to create a personal workspace where Syfy could sit down and craft, paint, or otherwise do his creative thing.

The non-toxic kids desks that we are talking about today, are from the good folks over at Wild Zoo DesksforKids. I was generously given this desk to review, but my opinions are my own! I will only share with you products that I myself love and use personally! Want one of these awesome desks for your own homeschool classroom? Wild Zoo has offered Hippy lovers a 15% coupon code OFF your next purchase, simply use this coupon code at checkout in their Etsy shop:WILDZOO15

Finding an eco-friendly kid's desk is harder than you'd think

You'd be surprised to find out that there really aren't that many eco-friendly and non-toxic options for children's furniture. Many of the desks out there made for kids are made with petroleum based products and laden with toxic chemicals including lead, mercury, cadmium, and more. To top that off, the shipping and packaging materials used, are usually even more of an eco hazard than the products being shipped. After all that, you would at least expect quality materials for the price you pay, but as it turns out, most kids furniture is factory made in China with particle boards and other low-quality materials that break after only a few months. This had me scouring the internet to find just the right desk for our own homeschool classroom, that wasn't a hazard to our health, was made of sustainable materials, and could grow with Syfy, at least for a little while. I was beyond obsessed when I found Wild Zoo's DesksforKids on Etsy!

Desks designed specifically for children

With rounded corners, smooth edges, and an attached bench that will easily sit not just one, but two children, the desk I picked out for Syfy was clearly designed with children in mind. I hadn't even thought about what I would buy for a chair to his desk, so I found the included attached bench to be just about the best idea ever! It won't tip over, doesn't scuff walls, and isn't cluttering your kiddo's room when they leave it randomly lying around. It even sat Syfy and his BFF Minnie comfortably while they colored together. This is possibly one of my favorite features because there are no fights over the desk on playdate day! They just play together instead!

Minimal eco packaging and easy to understand instructions made for quick & easy building

It's rare to find furniture that is packaged safely AND minimally at the same time. You can imagine my surprise when I received Syfy's desk in the mail and it was shipped quickly in the NTSB certified “damage free” box, keeping everything safe during shipment (If something DOES happen to it during shipment, Wild Zoo and FedEx will replace the damaged items no questions asked!). There weren't that many pieces to put together and they were all clearly labeled, so when it came to reading the instructions I was easily able to put the desk together without any mishaps. It's extremely light and therefore easy to move around if needed! We like to take ours outside on the back patio during the messier art moments and sometimes just to draw pictures of what we see, and I have no trouble lifting the desk and moving it around.

Having a space to call his own has been great for Syfy

My desk is my sanctuary for all of my scattered thoughts, work stuff, and more. Without my own desk, I would fall apart! Living in an apartment gives us little room to work with, which means out dining room is our office and classroom instead of housing our dining table (that got left in storage due to its massive size). I was extremely pleased that Wild Zoo had a desk that was the absolute perfect size to fit into our small living space! Now Syfy has a space to call his own when he wants to work on crafts, eat a meal, or build something with his homemade play dough. Not only that, it's made with American wood and sustainable materials, minus all the gross stuff!

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