Are You a Bohemi Babe? Become a Bohemi Babes Co-Host!

Are you into natural DIY beauty, holistic health, essential oils, and green living and a HUGE fan of the Bohemi Babes Blab Show? Whether you have just started your blog (vlog, podcast, social group, etc.) or have been at it for years, I WANT YOU to come co-host my awesome blab, The Bohemi Babes Show!

During season 1, I had my amazing co-host Kylie with me, but with her not able to return for season 2, I didn't want to go it alone; that's how great ideas are born! I decided that I would have a rotating cast of all my favorite green living, holistic health loving, natural DIY'ers to join me in hosting the Bohemi Babes show!

What's in it for you?

This is a great opportunity for you to share your platform with the world! Co-hosting The Bohemi Babes show will be just as awesome for you as it is for me to get to hang with you for the evening! This will be a tremendous opportunity for you to:

  • find new followers and make new friends
  • share all of your social media links, blog post links, and even affiliate links throughout the episode
  • embed the video anywhere you want, including in a blog post! Before the episode goes live, the embedded video will show a countdown clock until the episode, when it goes LIVE your readers can watch it LIVE in the same embedded video frame (as well as comment, call into one of the open seats, and do all the same things they would be able to do from the blab window), and after the recording is finished the embedded frame will show the replay automatically!
  • Get practice hosting a LIVE show, for your own future endeavors!
  • Be welcome back to co-host again with me anytime you like!

Sign up to co-host the Bohemi Babes Show with me!

Season 2 of the Bohemi Babes show will air LIVE on Wednesday nights at 9:30 pm CST! If you would love to co-host a 1 hour episode with me, simply fill out the form below and I will get back to you about which episode, the topic and more! I can't wait to tape a show with you!!!!