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Before There Was Peace Pits - DIY All-Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Paste


With all of the information out there now about the extremely damaging effects of aluminum in our deodorants, many people are changing over from their antiperspirants to more natural deodorants. Some are willing to fork over the cash to try each of the natural brands until they find one that works for them, but others would like to make it themselves. I receive a lot of messages from your guys, asking me what my secret recipe for my Peace Pits Deodorant Paste is. It’s true, it works better than any of the other natural deodorants that I have tried. Peace Pits is so effective it beats the stink ALL DAY LONG! I can totally understand why you want my recipe.  Read more »

Star Crushed Minerals - The Starry Eyed Way to Natural Beauty

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I went for an entire year, choosing to wear no makeup. At the time, I was so overwhelmed by all the new choices that I had, and all of them more than expensive. I decided, instead, that I would detoxify my feminine spirit by allowing myself to feel beautiful in my own skin. When I finally decided it was time to start wearing makeup again (albeit on very special occasions, I don’t actually wear makeup every day), I went looking around to see what my options were. At first glance, I felt like the limited supply of makeup I had found was VERY expensive for such small amounts. Then, it dawned on me. Duh! I have an Etsy shoppe full of my own homemade bath and beauty products, maybe I could find a really great Etsy store that has the same ideas and values about their products, as I do.  Read more »

Give Your Body an Antioxidant Boost With a Blueberry Citrus Body Scrub


There is no such thing as blueberry essential oil. I wish that I could get essential oils in mango, strawberry, pineapple, and blueberry, but alas they just don’t exist! If you see a website proclaiming their FLAVOR oils as essential oils, you should most definitely be worried. Read more »

The BEST Homemade First Time Mom’s Kit! (or any new mother for that matter!)

It’s spring time in the northern hemisphere and every one around me is getting pregnant and having babies! It’s that time of year for twitterpating and baby showers! The most recent baby shower that I attended was for a family friend and her impending little princess, Kirbi! I decided it was time that I put together a Hippy Homemaker Homemade First Time Mom’s Kit and fill it full of homemade goodies that I figured she would need (and a couple gifts that weren’t homemade but I still figured were needed!) Read more »

DIY Hippy Lippy Lip Balms - 3 Delicious Flavors!

I told you, I would give you the recipes to all three of the Hippy Lippy Lip Balms up for prizes in my giveaway that ends at midnight on 3/18/13, and I did not forget that promise! Tomorrow, the Lip Balm Giveaway Extravaganza ends at noon! I am really excited to see who wins my very first giveaway!

I had a lot of fun coming up with the flavors for this round of lip balms. I had hoped that the mango butter had a mango flavor, but alas it has no scent to it. It IS still great for moisturizing the skin and many other amazing healing benefits though. Read more »

DIY All-Natural Hair Styling Pomade That Rocks!

After I made the Coconut Lime Ocean Waves Hair Spray, the Hippy Husband practically begged me to come up with an all natural styling pomade that he could use on his rockin’ awesome mo-hawk.  I heard from my Facebook readers that they would definitely love for me to make a pomade. With that, I whipped up what I thought would be the most amazing hair pomade ever…but it turned out more like a hard lotion bar. Hmmmm…what was I doing wrong?
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DIY Coconut Lime Beach Waves Hair Spray

Before going “hippy”, I used to use the Garnier Fructise beach waves spray on my naturally wavy hair. It did a fairly decent job at curling my hair the way that I wanted it to, but alas it is laden with all of those nasty cancer causing chemicals that they ban in Europe. This meant that I needed to find myself an easy go to recipe to make my own. 

During the summertime my favorite scent is coconut lime. Every year I associate that scent with warm days in my bikini and water to splash around in. If there was one scent that I could imagine a beach waves spray smelling like, it is coconut lime! Read more »

Make Your Own Skin SO Soft Whipped Shaving Cream

When I was trying to make up a batch of my liquid dish soap one day, I was in a hurry and trying to dissolve everything quickly, so I threw it in my Ninja Food Processor and whipped it up, thinking it would just stir it REALLY well. What I didn’t think about or expect, was that it would WHIP the castile soap so that it cooled differently than the liquid dish soap recipe. In the end, after it had cooled sufficiently, it had turned into this fluffy whipped soap, and an idea sprung from the mistake that I had made. I can make my own shaving cream! Read more »

Make Your Own Holiday Gifts: Tangerine Lavender Lotion bars

With the cold winter days starting to kick in, my hands are really starting to feel the season change. I don’t know about you guys, but my hand hands tend to get VERY dry and in need of extra moisture this time of year. That means this is the PERFECT time to break out the Shea butter and make some lotion bars! One of the thing I love about lotion bars, is that they are the only thing (besides hydrocortisone cream which has TONS of stuff I don’t want to put on my skin) that cures the eczema that I get on my hands during the winter months.
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Make Your Own Holiday Gifts: Body Scrubs

Every girl out there who has ever used a salt or sugar scrub, knows and LOVES that luxurious feeling that your skin gets after rinsing off. In the middle of the summer time, I am usually partial to a coconut lime version of one of these, but during the winter time I am in need of certain specific comfort scents; citrus, peppermint, cinnamon, and vanilla. Read more »

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