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A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole: Part 8

This part of the story has been a long time coming. What I have been trying to give you guys is a good background on why I needed to make the life changes that I made. I want you to see how bad it got for me and how ultimately my diet and ridding my life of chemicals has changed me for the better. This story, after all, was for a reason. I have been slowly healing my body in amazing ways just by making these life-style changes. Read more »

A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole: Part 7

To think that I thought I would only be able to do this story in 2 or 3 parts…I must have been crazy to think that all of the medical issues that I have dealt with could only be described in 2 or 3 parts. That last part was quite a story though huh? It took me 9 whole months to believe it too! My son is almost 3, so if you do the math you’ll realize we are almost caught up with this story. I most certainly left a lot of parts of my life out of this story. I mean, who would have the time to read THAT novel? Read more »

A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole: Part 6

You’ll have to forgive me, (I am ALWAYS full of excuses, aren’t I?) I have been putting off writing this one for the last week because I have been reading, planning, and putting together my first home-school curriculum. Mind you, it’s for a soon to be 3 year old, preschool curriculum, but it’s busy work! Just picking out the books that I want for each theme of the week that I have created, takes me so much time. I hate being a bibliophile when it comes down to choosing between books. In any case, this particular installment of my personal story Read more »

A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole: Part 5

I suppose that I was rushing through the last post of this story. That surgery was probably the one that I blocked the most memories out from because of the pain that I experienced right afterwards. I must add an addendum to the people that came to visit me for Thanksgiving Star Wars in the Hospital day. Two other non-blood related family members (I feel that family doesn’t come from blood, it comes from those who treat you like they love you. My son has so many aunts and uncles not related to him Read more »

A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole: Part 4

It has been getting more and more difficult to write this story. For so long I have said that I wanted to write my memoirs, but I just didn’t have the guts to actually go through with it. Until recently, I had no idea that I was avoiding certain emotions that are bonded to these stories. I have been telling the story of my first surgery for so long that that one is easy to tell, but now that we are entering territory that is still tender, I am learning to write FROM the emotions, not hide them. I am so proud of myself for getting to this point Read more »

A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole: Part 3

I have been asked many times in my life, if given the chance, would I change all that I have been through just to be normal and pain free. My answer has ALWAYS been the same; a very adamant “NO!”. If I had not been given these wonderful rare chances to test my perseverance, I would have never discovered my amazing capabilities. I would have never fallen in love with myself. I would probably have not learned to accept and love EVERYONE ELSE’S DIFFERENCES for what they are.
Read more »

A Little Further Down the Rabbit Hole: Part 2

All of the miracles that I have experienced in my life were due to the law of attraction. (No, not the physics one, but I feel ya on thinking that one first!) I never really knew it at the time, but the reason that I was able to come out of this battle literally standing up (as opposed to sitting down in a wheelchair), was because I told myself that I could. That’s what this entire story boils down to. I knew that I could. I am like that little choo choo train engine that is constantly going “I KNOW I can, I KNOW I can, I KNOW I can!” Read more »

A Little Further Down the Rabbit Hole: Part 1

I made my own tab “Christina’s Corner,” just so that I could write about whatever was on my mind. I keep hearing some of the same questions about my reasons behind our lifestyle changes. It’s so hard to answer that question with just one small answer, so I am pretty sure this will be a two parter. As most of my current readers know (Only because they know me, don’t worry if you don’t! I am about to tell you a little bit more about myself.), my health was the very first reason that I took us down the vegetarian path. Read more »

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