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The Hippy Homemaker: To Nashville or Bust


Never in my life, when I started The Hippy Homemaker, did I think that it would take me on the crazy journey I have embarked upon. I have such wonderful fans and loyal readers, as well as fantastic customers and friends that all strive to help me further my brand and business. I never really dreamed that I would turn it into a business and my way of life; my  secret way out of the hole that disability pay has put me in.  Read more »

Star Crushed Minerals - The Starry Eyed Way to Natural Beauty

star crushed minerals logo photo

I went for an entire year, choosing to wear no makeup. At the time, I was so overwhelmed by all the new choices that I had, and all of them more than expensive. I decided, instead, that I would detoxify my feminine spirit by allowing myself to feel beautiful in my own skin. When I finally decided it was time to start wearing makeup again (albeit on very special occasions, I don’t actually wear makeup every day), I went looking around to see what my options were. At first glance, I felt like the limited supply of makeup I had found was VERY expensive for such small amounts. Then, it dawned on me. Duh! I have an Etsy shoppe full of my own homemade bath and beauty products, maybe I could find a really great Etsy store that has the same ideas and values about their products, as I do.  Read more »

Get Your Daily Dose With Vitamin Water - DIY Infused Water that Tastes Great and a Giveaway!


Five years ago, if you knew me then, you would have seen me walking around with humongous cups of soda, the extra large energy drinks, or any other caffeinated beverage that I could get my hands on. Nowadays, if you see a caffeinated beverage in my hand, it’s likely to be fresh brewed unsweetened iced tea, otherwise I am usually drinking water or fresh juice. Read more »

The Hippy Homemaker’s Pretty Toes Party & Jamberry Giveaway

jamberry 1

Have you heard? I can’t feel my feet! Yeah, it’s old news, but you know what goes along with it that you might NOT have known about me? Not feeling my feet means poor circulation and that combined with nail polish made my toenails turn purple and fall off. Don’t worry, they grew back again, but I couldn’t wear nail polish any longer. For the last ten years or more, Read more »

Nordic Naturals What’s Essential Rescue Pet Photo Contest - supporting paws for veterans and animal shelter dogs

sirius 3

I am a rescue pet owner. Every pet that I have owned, I have rescued from someone  or something else. If I listed off all of the many pets that I have rescued, you would be sitting here for quite awhile, after all I had the best mother ever…one who was easily talked into letting me keep all of the pets that I rescued. If it wasn’t for her, I may not have the love of animals, that I have today!  Read more »

Happy One Year Blogiversary Hippy Homemaker!!! A Giveaway to Celebrate!


I can not believe that I have been blogging for a whole YEAR! I remember a year ago how overwhelmed I was by the idea of starting this blog, and now that I can see how far I have come in one year, I am so amazed with myself! Read more »

Easter Basket Alternatives to Candy (and Syfy’s Waldorf Inspired Easter Basket!)

With Spring time officially here and Easter in a week, I decided to put together an Easter basket for Syfy that would help to also build up our Waldorf style homeschool classroom. I have NEVER been the kind of girl to put candy in Easter baskets or Christmas stalkings. When I was little, the memories that I have are the ones that my own Mother gave me by putting cute accessories,  jewelry,  gift cards, pencils, pencil tops/erasers, and other crafty little doowahickeys in our Easter baskets and stalkings. My sister and I always got really excited by this too! We didn’t care that our friends were getting baskets full of candy because when their candy ran out, we knew that our sweet gifts would still be in use. Read more »

The Hippy Homemaker’s Hippy Lippy Lip Balm Giveaway Extravaganza!!!

Everyone and their brother is asking me for lip balm these days and they all come running back for more after they try it for the first time. I never expected my homemade lip balm to be such a sensation, but since it is, I am going to do you guys a flavor! (yes…I said it, and it totally came off as cool!) For my very first giveaway, there was not a better choice than the very same lip balm that so many people have fallen in love with. This time though, I have stirred the pot and come up with 3 totally different flavors (well really scents, because you aren’t supposed to eat these…but I call them both flavors. I know it is not correct…but that’s me) Read more »

Homemade Love For Silas Thor

In the spirit of the holiday season, I have been on a mission to come up with holiday traditions that keep that magic without the need for Santa Claus. Yes, you heard right. The Hippy Husband and I don’t feel the need to propagate the Santa Claus myth in our household. I am aware that most of you think that I am crazy for not partaking in the “magic of Christmas” (believe me, I heard it from my own parents when we told them.) in our household. Read more »

Happy Star Wars Day (oh…and Turkey Day too.)

It has been my long standing tradition to watch Star Wars on Thanksgiving. If you have read any of my small series about all of my surgeries and miracles, you might remember me saying I always watch Star Wars on Thanksgiving. Of course, it stemmed from one of my surgeries taking place a couple days before the big T-day, leaving me in the hospital during that holy day of gluttony, bored and in need of something other than the (too-soon to air) Christmas shows that were already airing all day long. Today was no exception for my continuing the tradition. Of course, we always watch the original ones that haven’t been edited and remastered yet (Andy and I are purists when it comes to that). Read more »

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