Defend Yourself - A DIY Immune Boosting Tea & Tincture -

Defend Yourself - A DIY Immune Boosting Tea & Tincture

With cold & flu season just around the corner, Ebola scaring the world, and Enterovirus D68 sweeping across the nation, I have gone into super immune boosting mode.  These last couple winters have been amazing! I have seen first hand how a well supported immune system can hold up when everyone else around me is […]

DIY Neti Pot Sinus Rinse Refills

Have you ever used a Neti pot? It looks like a tea pot used for kids tea parties, but in fact it’s actually made for you to stick up your nose and pour salty water through your nasal passages. The Neti pot helps to cleanse and clear the nasal passages, helping to relieve sinusitis, allergies, […]

Homemade Herbal Cough Drops

I can tell that it is fall already because everywhere that I turn I am seeing pumpkin everything! With pumpkin season in full swing already (and it’s not even my birthday month yet!), I am working hard to fill my natural medicine cabinet for this coming cold & flu season. We have already learned how […]

Calm Your Squirrel - A DIY ADHD Aromatherapy Blend

I have ADHD and so does the Hippy Hubby. It has been a reality for me my entire life. My mom did a good job at trying to avoid diet triggers and shoved me outside to play as much as possible, but sometimes it can still be very difficult to shut of my brain and […]