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I had felt a little lost before I fell in love with herbalism. When I first started learning to use herbs in our everyday life, I had not expected it to be such a freeing practice. The more that I learned about the many different ways I can boost our bodies with herbs, in our everyday lives, the more I realized I was feeling like I was taking control of my own life. Learning herbalism has been a freeing experience to know and learn how to take care of my loved ones as well as myself. Now, I can't imagine our lives without them! 

The herbal school that changed my life

I knew when I began studying for my aromatherapy certification, that I was starting down a road that was eventually going to lead me to my herbalism education and certification. I instantly fell in love with herbs, once I realized just how useful they are, I couldn't stop buying books and trying to gather as much information as I could. Living in a place that doesn't know much about herbalism, none of the awesome herbalism classes were available to me, so I went in search of something that I could enroll in online. I didn't just want anything, I wanted an herbal class from those same reputable herbalists that didn't live anywhere near me. That was how I found The Herbal Academy of New England (or HANE) and found myself forever changing my life. What had started as a hobby to take care of my family in between doctor visits, became a part of my entire life and inevitably shaped my blog into what it is today. Now, a few years later, tons of books read, tons of posts written, and the Intermediate herbal course under my belt, I am pondering my own future in herbs. Where should I go from here? Do I want to keep dabbling in the world of retail, or follow the path of writing, blogging, blabbing, and teaching others to do it themselves?

HANE is showing you the herbal learning path that's right for you

Having paths to follow, makes for better end-goals, and better end-goals means actually completing the tasks at hand! Right when I was wondering where I would be taking my herbal knowledge, HANE up and answered my questions for me! From now until November 2, they have open early registration for their new (and revamped) classes! They have also created packages to help you decide what herbal path is the best road for you to take, based off of why you want to use your herbal education! Whether you just want to be a family herbalist and take care of all of your loved ones safely, or maybe you want to open a shop up and start selling all of your creations, whatever your goals, HANE has an herbal program for you! They have pooled together some of the most brilliant and well-known herbal educators and authors, as well as clinical and folk herbalists from both the United States and abroad to bring together two new programs in herbalism!

Two New Herbal Programs!

The Herbal Academy, which currently offers Introductory and Intermediate online coursework for would-be and established herbalists alike, is announcing its TWO newest class catalog additions. The Academy will now be offering an Advanced Herbal Course for serious entrepreneurial and clinical herbalists as well as an Entrepreneur Herbal Course, a smaller, breakaway offering for business-ready herbalists! These programs combine very scientific topics with deft collaboration between leading international herbalists.

The Educators and Course Development Team

The Herbal Academy has assembled some of the most brilliant and well-known teachers, authors, and clinical and folk herbalists from around the globe to lead their latest online programs! Steven Foster, Matthew Wood, Anne McIntyre, Bevin Clare, Pamela Spence, Steve Kippax, Emily Ruff, Katheryn Langelier, Marlene Adelmann, Erika Galentin, Ayo Ngozi, and many more medical, clinical, and family herbalists have come together to collaborate, providing an in-depth herbal educational experience. Find out more about the Herbal Academy’s wonderful team, many of whom are active teachers in these very programs!

The Advanced Herbal Course

It is time to take your herbal studies to a professional level! The Advanced Herbal Course has been designed to prepare students working toward a career as professional herbal practitioners. The Advanced Course will take you well beyond the first footholds of your adventure in herbalism. You will navigate through intricate and intriguing topics such as Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eclectic and Physiomedicalist philosophy, phytochemistry and herb-drug interactions, assessment and herbal therapeutics, taking steps to become a clinical herbalist, the making and selling of herbal products and much, much more.

The study and medicinal application of herbs have been a vital part of every ancestral culture, and many societies still recognize it as an important resource. While modern medicine has made strides that many would argue surpasses herbal folk traditions, the Herbal Academy believes these ancient practices should not be discounted or forgotten. The Advanced Herbal Course is designed for those who agree, and would like to further understand the role herbs have played and can play medicinally, and how that can be included in our modern medicinal approach. For more information about this program, visit the Advanced Course Page.

The Entrepreneur Herbal Course

The Entrepreneur Herbal Course though not a light course is the Herbal Academys second new advanced offering. This new program is a breakaway program from the Advanced Herbal Course, designed specifically for students who want to jump into launching an herbal products businessnow! The Entrepreneur Herbal Course is designed specifically to prepare students to run a small herbal products business in this unique and sometimes challenging field of herbalism. To be a leader and educator in your community, you first need to understand the intricacies of working in the herbal market! In this program, you will the regulatory requirements of making and selling herbal products, and follow along with the tutorials and videos highlighting tips specific to business startup. You can learn more information about this program, visit the Entrepreneur Herbal Course Page.

Finding the right program and the right path

Herbalism is an intricate and complicated field. It requires an understanding of the natural world, and on a professional level, demands serious commitment to learning the chemistry, botany, and ancestral background around the practice.

The Advanced Herbal Course is best suited for:

  • Graduates of the Herbal Academys Intermediate Herbal Course
  • Professional Herbalists or those starting their Professional Practice
  • Clinicians and Medical Professionals who are interested in holistically informing their work.

The Entrepreneur Herbal Course is best suited for:

  • Graduates of the Herbal Academys Intermediate Herbal Course
  • Professional Herbalists looking to open their own herbal products business

The Herbal Academy has put together a helpful web page to guide you on the right path! Do you want to be a Clinical Herbalist, Professional Herbalist, Entrepreneur Herbalist or Family Herbalist? Read through their guide to discover which path is right for you!

Herbal Academy Affordable Courses Online

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