A Furry Merry Christmas for Your Dog - A Planet Dog Review & Giveaway

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I have always been an animal person. My entire life, I have been bringing home animals that I rescued, from dogs, to snakes, to everything in between. You name it, I have probably loved it (except birds….Daphne Du Maurier and Alfred Hitchcock scarred me for life…though I would forgo that fear for chickens and ducks on a farm lol), but dogs are definitely one of my favorites. 

A star for a dog and a dog for a star

Our dog, Sirius (named after the “dog star” in Canis Major rather than Harry Potter….I get that a lot) is Syfy's best friend, brother, and even sometimes rival (usually for my attention). They will both tattle on each other when the other is doing something wrong, and both of them love to snuggle up on either side of me in bed at night…seriously, there is no room for me to sleep. Sirius is not just our family dog, but a member of our family that just happens to be a dog.

This is Sirius' green bone one year after purchasing it!!!

Another one bites the dust…or maybe not

A large dog (we think half pit bull and half Australian cattle dog), Sirius is capable of chewing his toys into the tiniest of pieces, in under 20 minutes flat (I have timed it!). On my quest to find toys for him to play with for longer that a couple hours, I had tried a plethora of toys. Every time we went to the pet store to pick up food for our pets, I would get him a new toy, each one promising to be tougher than the last, but none lasting for longer than 24 hours. At some point, I began to think that there were no real “tough” toys out there, until one fateful (in the good way) trip to Whole Foods where I had offhandedly grabbed a minty smelling green colored rubber bone for Sirius, thinking that just like all of the other toys we had brought home, this one would most likely be demolished and sent to doggy heaven as well. BOY was I wrong! This Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff® RecycleBONE® was purchased for him during Chrismas of 2013 and is still with us during this Christmas 2014! That's the longest record we've had with ANY OTHER DOG TOY!!! After about a month, thinking this had to be a fluke, we went back to Whole Foods to purchase a different toy, an Orbee-Tuff® SPORT Soccer Ball, to test out. We still have this soccer ball to this day as well. With results like these, I HAD to get in contact with this company to find out more.

The dog toys that we are talking about today are from the good folks over at the Planet Dog (You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter). Sirius and I were generously given these dog toys to review, but my opinions are my own (and Sirius's)! I will only share with you products that I myself love and use personally! And BOY do we LOVE these toys!

Eco-friendly and recyclable dog toys for a great cause

Planet Dog  first made a name for itself with their Orbee® Ball. It is made of Planet Dog's eco-friendly, 100% recyclable Orbee-Tuff® compound that was engineered specifically to create the best dog toys on the planet. They worked with their chemists for almost two years to make Orbee-Tuff® into the most durable, pliable, buoyant, bouncy compound on the market. Wanting to ensure the dogs loved the smell as well as the feel, they also threw in some peppermint scent as well. (Totally attracts humans as well!). The Orbee-Tuff® material consists of all FDA approved non-toxic ingredients. All of the Planet Dog products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Best of all, all Orbee-Tuff® toys are made in the U.S.A.

Not only does planet dog strive to make an eco-friendly non-toxic dog toy, for a fantastic price,but they also spend a portion of their profits helping dogs who help others. 2% of all purchases of Planet Dog products are donated to their charity, the Planet Dog Foundation (aka PDF), which provides cash grants to programs throughout the country that train, place and support dogs helping people in need. Service dogs, therapy dogs, police, fire & military dogs, K-9 search & rescue dogs - Planet Dog celebrates ALL “working” dogs that are enhancing and saving human lives.

A furry merry Christmas for Sirius this year

This Christmas I wanted to get Sirius presents that would be fun for all of us to play with together, would last longer than a day or two, and that Sirius would love with all his heart and paws. With every single Planet Dog toy that we have tried (both the toys that we have purchased and those we received for free), all of our hopes have been met and exceeded! Sirius loves every toy, and all of them are still here many days after receiving them.

Planet Dog Wood Chuck® with RecycleBALL - I asked to review this one because I have troubles throwing a ball as far as my dog would like, during our games of fetch. The Wood Chuck has far exceeded my expectations and was even easy for my five year old to use! It really helped to cut down on the pain I normally get from throwing a ball and it made the ball fly MUCH farther than I can normally throw it. I would highly recommend this to any of you that have a dog that loves to fetch!

Orbee-Tuff® RecycleBONE® - This bone is just soo darn fabulous! It has a hole through the middle to hide treats in, and is highly entertaining watching them try to get the treats back out of them. It feels soft and chewy but my dog has yet to actually destroy one! I love that the materials on this bone are recycled and that they are also recyclable if and when he does destroy it! The very first one that we bought is now over a year old and going strong! We love the minty fresh scent!

Orbee-Tuff® Snowball - This adorable snowball gets a 5 out of 5 on their “Chompers” rating, meaning the hardiest of dog chewers should have a tough time chewing this snowball to peices. After being played with and chewed on, the snowball still looks to be in a perfect snowball shape! It's absolutely adorable for the winter holiday season! I also love it's Coal counterpart! Too adorable!

Orbee-Tuff® Mint - I envisioned in my head more a human sized mint but this mint is the perfect size for medium and large dogs! It's the cutest of all the toys we received and I love it so much that I have been trying to teach Sirius to decipher it from the rest by teaching him its name! This adorable chew toy is also infused with that delightfully fresh peppermint scent! I want to give one of these to all my pup friends for Christmas.

A furry merry Christmas for your dog with a Planet Dog giveaway!

Santa is coming to visit your furry friend this holiday season! Planet Dog and I have teamed up to give away to two lucky furry winners,  a Planet Dog toy set of their own:

1 lucky winner will win the Planet Dog Holiday Set including:

1 lucky winner will receive the Planet Dog Recycle Set including:

Enter below in the Rafflecopter widget! This giveaway is open to US & Canadian residents and is running from midnight 12/08/14  to midnight 12/15/14. The winners will be contacted within 48 hours of the end of the giveaway and announced after confirmation.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Stephanie P.

    My Shih Tzu’s LOVE Planet Dog! Not because they’re destructive (thank goodness) but for their treat dispensing toys like the Orbee and Mazee, great company, great products!

  • Jessie Shiflett

    I think she would like the Mint the best (:

  • the Snowball!

  • Casey

    My Ava would love the Squeaky Snowman Buddy! She loves anything with little arms or tails or hair to nibble on. She’s a big dog but plays like a little baby.

  • Nice review! I love that Planet Dog Orbee Tuff toys are made in the USA!

  • Wehaf

    My dogs would love the ball chuck; I can never throw the ball far enough for them!

  • Beth S.

    I ALMOST hit submit on a dog toy order from a certain popular shopping website. I’m so glad I didn’t - this company is exactly the type I want to support. Thank you for posting this 🙂

  • Catherine Griffice

    the recycle ball would be great fun!!

  • thehomesteadinghippy

    My dog, Snowball, “trades” toys with the lab down the street. Snowball will drop her toys off there on a walk (yes, she carries them in her mouth just in case she wants to play) and will go retrieve them from Lucy once in a while. I would love these for both girls 😉

  • Lauren Hayes.

    My puppy, Wesson, would tear up the Recycle Ball! That would be fun. 🙂