I’ll Love You To The Moon And Back - A Bella Luna Toys Review

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Last Christmas I didn't expect to end up buying my list of favorite natural toys and art supplies twice, but a really close blogging friend of mine found out that her home was full of toxic mold that had been making them very ill. Their Doctor told them to leave everything they owned, ten days before Christmas. EVERYTHING. I couldn't imagine her little girl going through Christmastime having to give up their entire lives, so I talked to my mom (who helped me put together a bunch of clothes for them) and ended up shipping her everything I had purchased for Syfy from Bella Luna Toys. As I was doing this, I immediately went to their website, ordered what I needed, and before Christmas arrived, I had everything that I needed.

The amazing natural toys that we are talking about today, came from one of my favorite natural toy shops,  Bella Luna Toys (You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter). I was generously given these books and supplies to review, but my opinions are my own! I will only share with you products that I myself love and use personally! 

That Christmas, I was so worried that nothing would make it where it needed to be, on time, but the busy little elves over at Bella Luna Toys have never failed me in shipping my order super quickly, and everything went according to plan! Both of the children who received some very special gift, were delighted with their colorful natural toys and games. Every time that I have ordered from Bella Luna Toys, they are on my doorstep extremely fast. When I put together this #HippyHomeschool giveaway, the first person I thought to contact was Sarah, over at Bella Luna Toys. I couldn't feature all of my favorite natural Waldorf inspired shops without including my absolute favorite!

Once upon a time, the Witch Queen threw a secret birthday party

I was super excited when I opened up our box from Bella Luna Toys, I couldn't wait to see what fun surprises awaited us! Sarah was so kind and sent us some amazing gifts to add to our natural homeschool classroom! I was overwhelmed by the awesomeness that was in the box before us! With these items, a lot of creative fun is in our future!

Woody, Hazel, & Little Pip by Elsa Beskow - This adorable book really captures the essence of fall for us! Syfy enjoyed this book so much, he had me read it three times that first day! We really loved the descriptive style that Elsa brings to her stories, it really brings to life the story that you are reading! I am really wanting to get more of her books now that we have read this one!

Old Freedom Train: A Waldorf Inspired Alphabet by Shayne Jackman -  This beautifully designed book is written in Waldorf style, with poems and colorful watercolor pictures to illustrate each letter of the Alphabet! We loved looking at the gorgeous pictures for each letter!

Create-A-Story Cards Mystery in the ForestThis was a family favorite!!! We had so much fun drawing random cards and seeing where our story went! It was extremely silly and giggles could be heard from all over the apartment. I am so in love with these cards that I NEED to get the other set, Fairy Tales.

Filana Organic Block & Stick Crayons - If you don't have the time or supplies to make your own crayons Filana's Organic Block & Stick Crayons are fantastic beeswax crayons to color with! I used to be a fan of Stockmar crayons before I found out they use paraffin wax as their main wax ingredient, now I have found the BEST crayons made with 100% natural waxes, NO petroleum based waxes! That works great for our classroom since we are trying to move our household away from petroleum products!

Moon & Stars Roll-Up Crayon HolderAs a mom, I love things that help the clean-up process and give toys/supplies a place to go when not in use. This ADORABLE (I absolutely love anything moon/stars and that has rubbed off on Syfy!) roll-up crayon holder is the perfect size to hold all of your block and stick crayons, and even rolls up and ties neatly for when you go away. Can I have one for my adult set of crayons? Please?!?

Passionate about imagination, a teacher finds her classroom at home

Sarah Baldwin, an experienced Waldorf early childhood teacher, author, and the mother of two Waldorf graduates, she is the owner and founder of one of my favorite natural children's toy shops, Bella Luna Toys. A growing small business hailing from the beautiful coast of Maine, Bella Luna Toys offers unique natural toys and products for children that are “safe, healthy, and encourage imaginative play. You will find no battery-operated or plastic toys here, the kind that will be played with for a short time before ending up in a landfill.” These toys are quality toys, built to last, and meant to be handed down from generation to generation. Caring deeply about the environment and sustainability, most of their toys are made in the USA, Europe, or Canada and the ones made overseas are certified to be ethically and sustainably made. All of Bella Luna Toys have been tested to meet the strictest safety standards for children!

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