Make Your Own Dog Food and Your Dog Will Thank You EVERY Time That You Feed Him!

  • Claire Mier

    I read from somewhere that fish is ok to feed your dogs with as long as they are well-cooked. They are good source of omega oil which are crucial for healthy skin and coat.

    • Christina@TheHippyHomemaker

      I have read from vet sources, that feeding fish can cause a Thiamine deficiency which can result in loss of apetite, seizures, and in really severe cases, death. I have also read on the raw diet sites recently that many people feed fish to their dogs, so I think it can be a personal choice. You can get fish oil or fish oil capsules and add it to your dogs food to give them the omegas that you are looking for though.

  • Michelle

    I have an 18 month old goldendoodle and was wondering how much of this recipe to feed her every day. She likes to eat in the early morning and early evening. Also, this may sound redundant because usually chicken bones are not a good idea but because the food processor can pulverize them very well, should they be given to her as well? One other question (sorry) with dry dog food her teeth are kept relatively clean. How good is this recipe for her teeth and gums? Will supplemental chews such as homemade biscuits, rawhide and beef bones be enough to take the place of dry food cleaning? Thank you so much for this recipe and any help you can give otherwise.

    • Christina@TheHippyHomemaker

      honestly feeding amount can be different from dog to dog. I am not sure how much, but to give you a good idea my parents have a 12 lbs. min pin and she eats about a 1/4 cup in the morning and 1/4 cup in the evening. My 60 lbs. dog Sirius eats 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup in the evening (When he was almost 50 lbs. we fed him the same amount), so disregarding special dietary requirements i would say a ROUGH feeding table would look like: 1/4 cup (2x daily) 10-15 lbs, 1/2 cup (2x daily) for 16 -30 lbs, 3/4 cup (2x daily) 31-49 lbs, and 1 cup (2x daily) for 50-65 lbs.

      For the crunchy factor, I would definnitely not use chicken bones, those are bad because they sliver and even in a food processor they would sliver even smaller, but you CAN use raw beef and pork bones, those are great for dogs as nutritional treats that help the teeth. Also you can make homemade bisquits and treats ( that help to clean the teeth too. One final thing, though I have noticed with this dog food that my dog has much cleaner teeth and breath anyway, you can also make your own toothpaste that you can use on your pet (sweetener free of course) ( I brush Sirius teeth every two weeks or so just to be sure he has clean teeth. Hope that helps!

  • Christina@TheHippyHomemaker

    you’re welcome! I forgot to mention one more easy treat for your dog’s teeth that is so low calorie you can give them all day long (and it’s vet recommended!) BABY CARROTS!

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