Natural Remedies for the Cold & Flu Season with the Bohemi Babes - Episode 2

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I feel like I am pretty much always talking about herbal remedies these days, but during the fall season when the allergies are high and the weather starts to cool down, I find myself answering even more questions than usual about natural ways people can combat the germiest of seasons. While both Kylie and I don't believe in an actual “cold & flu season”, I do like to use these words because a large portion of the population sees it as such. In this episode we are discussing our favorite natural remedies to use when illness tries to take down your household!

Natural Remedies for the Cold & Flu Season with the Bohemi Babes
Episode 2 (10/8/15)

Herbal remedies for pretty much anything the cold & flu might bring

I have amassed a plethora of herbal remedies and aromatherapy blends to help all sorts of situations. You can learn to build your own natural medicine chest and make all your remedies yourself, or you can buy many of the herbal remedies talked about in today's episode on Amazon:

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