One Tribe Apparel - Bamboo Thai Harem Pants for Every Occassion

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The free flowing, tree-hugging, bohemian hippy that I am, loves the idea of traveling to a beautiful country such as Thailand. I would love to go there to meditate at Buddhist temples, walk among the ancient ruins at Ayutthaya, and visit Pai. I have always wanted to travel the world with my family and visit the most ancient sites. Lucky for me, until that day arrives, I have a pair of One Tribe Apparel bamboo Thai harem pants. Ok, so it may sound a little silly saying that, but these pants are just sooo awesome, I seriously feel like I am transported on a journey away to a yoga resort! 

Before One Tribe Apparel contacted me,  I had never owned a pair of harem pants. I have seen them before in my yoga magazines, and thought they were super adorable. but I hadn't come across a pair that I loved. That is, until One Tribe Apparel sent me a pair of their bamboo Thai harem pants for free, to review. The Thai Harem Pants that we are talking about today, are from the good folks over at One Tribe Apparel (You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter). I was generously given these pants to review, but my opinions are my own! I will only share with you products that I myself love and use!

One Tribe Apparel Bamboo Thai Harem Pants

Brought together by hippy ideals and because of  their mutual love of wearing Bamboo Thai Harem Pants, the guys at One Tribe Apparel are making women's Bamboo Thai Harem Pants with four distinct styles and multiple colors. These harem pants provide comfort & style no matter what your day brings. These harem pants are perfect for yoga, dancing, hiking or staying comfortable through a long travel day. Not only are these pants versatile for any occasion but according to One Tribe Apparel, their pants are fairy made and paid for!

Thai Culture is bohemian. Beautiful patterns, vibrant colors, tribal music, and handcrafted art can be found everywhere in this gem of a country. Bamboo Harem Pants are synonymous with this lifestyle. Hand-stitched with local fabrics using village techniques, these unique and free-flowing pants are perfect for those living alternative lifestyles.

Our Thai Harem Pants are sourced from the the villages surrounding Chiang Mai. These boho harem pants are made with love in houses not factories. The artists and creators behind these pants are paid fairly, and we encourage sustainability every step of the way.


Stylish with heels for a night on the town…

or barefoot, in a tank top, doing yoga! (I honestly don't own a single pair of heels…so it would be with flats for a night on the town! I LOVE these pants! They are sooo cute and I can totally see a plethora of occasions that I can dress them up or down for. The most important thing about these pants though, is just how comfortable they are. I have spent a good part of the last couple years, in yoga pants. So much so, that I have come to loathe dressing in jeans to go out of the house, because of the difference in comfort. These harem pants are so soft and comfortable that I even love to sleep in them. Before these pants, I had never had any bamboo material. I can not believe how much I love bamboo fabric! It's so incredibly soft and the colors on it are amazing!  When I wore these out of the house, I dressed them up with my favorite jean vest and some sandals and I was feeling very bohemian, to say the least. When we went out grocery shopping, I received several compliments on how cute they were. I just love how luxurious they feel and yet they are as comfortable as my yoga leggings. You CAN have it both ways, luxury and comfort!

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