Make Your Own Non-Toxic Oven Clay

When Silas was about 4 or 5 months old, his first Father’s Day rolled around and I wanted to do something special for Andy. (This was spring of 2010) After a lot of contemplation on what I could do that would be an awesome keepsake forever, I thought about all of the times that my […]

silas born

A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole: Part 6

You’ll have to forgive me, (I am ALWAYS full of excuses, aren’t I?) I have been putting off writing this one for the last week because I have been reading, planning, and putting together my first home-school curriculum. Mind you, it’s for a soon to be 3 year old, preschool curriculum, but it’s busy work! […]

Mini Potato Skins Stuffed With Avocado Salsa

I got this recipe from Vegetarian Times (Pg. 52, August/September 2012) magazine. It’s actually a Chloe Coscarelli recipe also in her new cookbook, “Chloe’s Kitchen”. This was soooo good. We just ate it tonight and I am so stuffed just from eating these alone. I didn’t even end up making a side dish as this […]

A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole: Part 5

I suppose that I was rushing through the last post of this story. That surgery was probably the one that I blocked the most memories out from because of the pain that I experienced right afterwards. I must add an addendum to the people that came to visit me for Thanksgiving Star Wars in the […]

Green Cleaning in the Living Room

Between writing about myself for you guys (because you all seem to be more interested in my personal story, rather than any of my other articles) and watching the Olympics, I have been a little slacker when it comes to my next installment of Green Living. It’s a day late, but you guys didn’t want […]

Spinach & Feta Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms aka AWESOMENESS!

I just LOVE, love, LOVE Portobello mushrooms. Well really, I just love mushrooms in general. When I order a pizza and there is a one topping deal, you guessed it, I order with mushrooms. Recently, it has been discovered the nutritional power of mushrooms. Most people thought that they were just nutritionless fillers for your […]

A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole: Part 4

It has been getting more and more difficult to write this story. For so long I have said that I wanted to write my memoirs, but I just didn’t have the guts to actually go through with it. Until recently, I had no idea that I was avoiding certain emotions that are bonded to these […]

Ozeri 3 Piece Green Earth Frying Pans, Better For You AND Mother Earth

After using our roommate’s old teflon covered frying pans and constantly scraping stuck on food off of a supposedly non-stick surface, I had finally had enough and decided it was time we purchased a set of our own, (especially since said roommate will be leaving us soon). As always, I started my search on Amazon. […]

A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole: Part 3

I have been asked many times in my life, if given the chance, would I change all that I have been through just to be normal and pain free. My answer has ALWAYS been the same; a very adamant “NO!”. If I had not been given these wonderful rare chances to test my perseverance, I […]