Star Crushed Minerals - The Starry Eyed Way to Natural Beauty

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I went for an entire year, choosing to wear no makeup. At the time, I was so overwhelmed by all the new choices that I had, and all of them more than expensive. I decided, instead, that I would detoxify my feminine spirit by allowing myself to feel beautiful in my own skin. When I finally decided it was time to start wearing makeup again (albeit on very special occasions, I don't actually wear makeup every day), I went looking around to see what my options were. At first glance, I felt like the limited supply of makeup I had found was VERY expensive for such small amounts. Then, it dawned on me. Duh! I have an Etsy shoppe full of my own homemade bath and beauty products, maybe I could find a really great Etsy store that has the same ideas and values about their products, as I do.


One of my absolute favorites! No. 39 Teal

It only took me a short time to search Etsy and find the most beautiful and gorgeous eye shadows that I had seen in a long time. The shop that I had come across in my search for the perfect all natural eye shadow, is called Star Crushed Minerals! (Even the name of her shop is awesome!) She has a plethora of colors to choose from and is always in her color studio working to come up with more. Edie at Star Crushed Minerals is super nice, and her customer service is beyond amazing. When we had thought that USPS had lost my package (you know how they can be…I am not looking forward to dealing with shipping during the Christmas season, that's for sure), she was even willing to send me a new one free of charge, she is THAT nice.

This is my collection so far (minus one gold/peach toned one that didn't fit), I have a whole list of colors that I still want to buy for this coming fall/winter season though!

Star Crushed Minerals are made with all natural materials, containing no parabens, sulfates, detrochemicals, talc, cornstarch, bismuth oxychloride, fragrance, chemical and preservatives. Being that they are preservative free, they actually last longer!

I love the colors! There are just sooo many of them to choose from!

Not only does Edie have her wonderful shop full of adorable all-natural eye shadows, but she also has a separate shop full of really cute handmade nailpolish as well! You can find her cute all-natural chemical free nail polish in her shop, Star Crushed Lacquers.

Star Crushed Lacquers are really nice nail polishes that contain no icky ingredients!

Now, I know you guys are dying to see what I did with these eye shadows, and though my product pictures are really cute…I have never taken a picture of my eye before….so please don't judge me hahaha. I wish that the colors on my eyes had come out more so that you could actually see the details in the colors, but my photography skills when it comes to selfies…really needs improvement. I also had tried to take pictures of the purple/blue round I did, but somehow I managed to mess those pictures up, so you'll just have to guess at it's awesomeness in your own head!

I did a green version on top using Golden Vanilla (no. 96), Meteor (no. 22), Neptune Star (no. 35), and lined with Neptune Star as well. On the bottom I used Golden Vanilla (no. 96), Eclipse (no. 54), Rust (no. 71), Sunrise (no. 66), and lined with Earthy Gold (no. 67)

If you really like everything that you see and want to know more, you can find Edie at her Star Crushed Minerals Etsy site, her Star Crushed Lacquers Etsy site, and her Facebook page.

Edie has so generously offered my readers a sweet coupon to use for a 15% discount too! When you are checking out, type in the coupon code: HIPPYHOMEMAKER

What colors are you going to choose?

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