Start The New Year With a New You - An Online Sampling Giveaway Event

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A new year means that many of us are taking a look at the healthy habits that we have in place. With every new year, I always try to make healthier choices that I am hoping will turn into habits. Sometimes, all it takes to make a change, is to try something new! This year, I am giving you a chance to sample some fantastic healthy brands to help you start a new year with a new you! I have teamed up with Sampler to bring you a week of healthy freebies and a huge gift basket to win at the end! We will be giving away TONS of FREE SAMPLES from Monday January 11 - Thursday January 14 at our sponsored online sampling event!  If you RSVP for this event RIGHT NOW, you will not only get access to the events calendar for sampling events and flash giveaways, but you will also be entered to win the huge gift basket at the end!

What's an online sampling event?

During the New Year New You Sampling Event, all of your favorite brands will be hosting sampling events where they will be giving away a bunch of samples, for FREE! You can't claim these samples for yourself, but you can send them to your friends! By “wishing for it” and sharing that with your friends on your social media, you can let them know what samples you want them to send you for free! I suggest you team up with a couple friends and send each other all the awesome samples you are wishing for! This week will also feature some fantastic FLASH giveaways as well as an amazing Grand Prize Basket that you are automatically entered to win, when you RSVP to the event!

How can YOU join in on the fun and freebies?

RSVP NOW to win the ultimate sample gift basket

When you RSVP to the event, over on my Facebook page, it opens up the calendar of sampling events and flash giveaways, that way you don't miss a single event! This also automatically enters you to win the Grand Prize Gift Basket full of awesome healthy brands!

Click Here to RSVP to this awesome event!

Sampling Events

Some of my favorite brands have joined us in this awesome New Year New You Sampling Event, and will be giving away hundreds of samples to you! Once you RSVP to the event, you will be able to see exactly what time and day each sampling event starts. Don't forget to Wish for the items BEFORE the sampling event begins, so that your friends know what samples to send your way! Be sure to pay attention to what your friends are wishing for, so that you can send them the samples they are looking for too!

Flash Giveaways

In addition to the sampling events, there will also be a flash giveaway on each  of the participating blogger's Facebook page! You will be able to see each giveaway on the calendar of events as soon as you RSVP to the New Year New You Sampling Event! The prizes for these flash giveaways are a total surprise, but I think you are going to be super excited  to join in!

Some of my favorite brands are participating!

Rishi Tea - Premium Organic Loose-leaf Teas

When it comes to tea, I am a bit of a connoisseur these days. My tea cabinet is overflowing and I am beginning to think that I am addicted to tea. Herbal tea, black tea, green tea, it doesn't really matter, I love them all! I was pretty stoked to get a gift in the mail from Rishi Tea, containing a little of each of their most popular loose leaf and bagged teas, as well as a glass Simple Brew to brew my loose leaf tea in. I love that Rishi tea is certified organic and is picked fresh each season from tea gardens around the world. Don't forget to wish for them here during #NYNY!

The Spice Hunter

I am always looking for great organic spices and blends. so you can imagine I was stoked when I heard that The Spice Hunter was sending us products!  The Spice Hunter offers 100% Organic spices & herbs in its family of products. For The Spice Hunter, organic means quality. Providing all natural gourmet flavor to your dishes, their oganics are grown and processed in accordance with USDA National Organic Program standards. All of The Spice Hunter’s 100% Organic spices & herbs are processed without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or sterilization aids. You can rest assured that each bottle is packed at the peak of flavor, ready for all your home-style recipes. Don't forget to wish for them here during #NYNY!

Explore Asian Gluten-Free Noodles

Not all gluten-free noodles are the same, but black bean spaghetti will surprise the heck out of you! Explore Asian brings dinner to the table with plant-based noodles that are made to be gluten-free! These organic and non-GMO noodles really made a splash at our dinner table on spaghetti night! The kiddo was over the moon at the color of his noodles, and he didn't seem to mind that they were made from black beans instead of flour! These gluten-free noodles will wow your family at your next noodle Wednesday! Don't forget to wish for them here during #NYNY!


I had to laugh when I opened my box of JOLLYTIME Popcorn, because I was sent a big box of microwave popcorn and I don't have a microwave. I decided to pass it on to my BFF because she has a microwave and LOVES to eat popcorn! She really enjoyed JOLLYTIME Popcorn's Weight Watchers® endorsed popcorn. Said to have healthy flavors that are low on fat and high on deliciousness! A family owned and operated business, JOLLYTIME Popcorn uses 100% whole grain non-GMO popcorn in all of their products! Don't forget to wish for them here during #NYNY!

Kura Grass-fed Protein Smoothie Packs

With the new year upon us, and two new blenders to review, I am in total smoothie mode right now. When I opened up my package from Kura, I was super stoked to find a box of their vanilla, chocolate, and berry flavored grass-fed protein smoothie packs in there! Kura is your perfect protein smoothie powder: GMO and gluten-free, with natural ingredients (including antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, probiotics, grass-fed dairy protein, and omega 3's) and no added sugar. The simple, healthy, and best way to start your day with a balanced meal. Don't forget to wish for them here during #NYNY!

Volo Vitamins

If you are trying to ditch energy drinks or the dreaded artificially flavored Crystal Light, Volo Vitamins Energy might be just what you are looking for. Made with a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, seventeen different fruits, and just the right amount of natural energy boosters (including a full compliment of B vitamins and amino acids.) With no added sugar, these energizing nutrients help to power both the mind and body, through even the toughest workouts, or days at home with the kids! All you do is add one packet to 8-12 oz. water or juice, stir, and drink! You are now ready for whatever the day brings! Don't forget to wish for them here during #NYNY!

Better Life Cleaners

Two parents concerned with the toxic chemicals that other cleaners were leaving behind, came together and created Better Life Cleaners. I am always excited when I open a box full of green cleaners, because I know my house is about to get a thorough cleaning. When Better Life Cleaners sent me their popular mini sampler pack, I was stoked to put their hardworking plant-based, eco-friendly (and people friendly) cleaners to work. There is always a mess in my house that needs cleaning, and these cleaners took care of the problem with out all the toxic chemicals. Don't forget to wish for them here during #NYNY!

Terry Naturally Vitamins

I am always looking for alternative pain relief options to replace Advil and Tylenol in my medicine cabinet. I was very excited to receive a bottle of Terry Naturally Vitamins Curamin and put it to great use immediately, since I had just hiked a 3 mile hike with my pack weighted down, the very day it arrived. Terry Naturally Vitamins combines the best of the best with curamin. Containing a super-absorption curcumin called BCM-95® it is significantly better absorbed than plain curcumin products found on the market. BCM-95® has been proven in published clinical studies to provide consistent and long-lasting pain relief. Don't forget to wish for them here during #NYNY!


If you are looking to banish sugar from your diet this year, you might try using Stevia in its place. Not all Stevias are the same, but good thing for you, Greeniche has the best-tasting Stevia on the market. It is gluten-free and dairy-free, and is made with pure Stevia Rebaudiana Extract. Manufactured with the most modern water-based extraction technology, Greeniche Stevia conforms completely to Halal requirements, unlike similar products. It's perfect to fulfil all your culinary needs. You can add it to hot and cold beverages, sprinkle it on cereals and fruit salad, and use it for cooking or baking. It does not contain Aspartame, Sucralose, Saccharine, Maltodextrin, Inulin, or any other harmful chemicals. Don't forget to wish for them here during #NYNY!


To join in on the fun, don't forget to RSVP HERE!

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