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EASILY Make Your Own Non-Toxic Finger Paints At Home

After buying a whole array of finger paints from Hobby Lobby, for Silas, and setting them all up, I realized there was this stench coming from them. It was a terrible chemical smell! The bottles say non-toxic but they most certainly don’t smell like they’re non-toxic. This situation made me to realize that I could just try and make my own here at home. The best part is, I know what is in them. Read more »

DIY Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner That’s WAY Better Than Resolve!

Yesterday I got my Lavender essential oil (that I ordered from Amazon) in the mail. I was so very excited to see the UPS truck pull up to the house, that I nearly knocked my son over in the process to get to the door! I really wanted something that smelled less antiseptic than the Tea Tree oil and vinegar do. As soon as I opened my package, I set about making up a new batch of my All Purpose cleaner, only I decided to get creative in the process. What came out of this recipe was surely worth the little amount of time I spent putting it together. Read more »

Green Cleaning Shopping List

I have several other articles to write today, but first I really wanted to get a quick one out on what you actually need to purchase to start cleaning green in your home. In the beginning it may seem more costly to make this lifestyle change, but this is only because you are having to purchase the items that you are going to continue to reuse for longer than those commercial cleaners could hope to hang around your house. Read more »

Making your own NATURAL HOUSEHOLD CLEANING SUPPLIES for your health and wealth

I recently watched the Documentary “Chemerical”, as it was on streaming Netflix and I had nothing better to do during my son’s naptime. It turns out, this documentary is really freaking awesome! (you should DEFINITELY watch it if you have Netflix) It was all about the toxic amount of chemicals in our household air, due to all of the toxic cleaning supplies that we use daily. Needless to say, after watching the documentary, Read more »

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