DIY Gidget’s Ocean Waves Hair Spray

Before going “hippy”,  one of my favorite hair products was Garnier Fructis beach waves spray to help my naturally wavy hair look like it's beachy fresh all the time. When I began transitioning to a more natural lifestyle, I was scared that I wouldn't have anything to replace my favorite hair texturizing spray. I began trying experimenting with hair nourishing ingredients and different combinations of salts until I came up with my Gidget's Ocean Waves Spray. During the summertime, my favorite scent is coconut lime. Every year I associate that scent with warm days in my bikini and water to splash around in. If there's one scent that I like to keep around all summer long, it's coconut lime! Especially in my ocean waves hair spray! Continue reading “DIY Gidget's Ocean Waves Hair Spray”

Make Your Own Skin SO Soft Whipped Shaving Cream

When I was trying to make up a batch of my liquid dish soap one day, I was in a hurry and trying to dissolve everything quickly, so I threw it in my Ninja Food Processor and whipped it up, thinking it would just stir it REALLY well. What I didn't think about or expect, was that it would WHIP the castile soap so that it cooled differently than the liquid dish soap recipe. In the end, after it had cooled sufficiently, it had turned into this fluffy whipped soap, and an idea sprung from the mistake that I had made. I can make my own shaving cream! Continue reading “Make Your Own Skin SO Soft Whipped Shaving Cream”

Vegan Coconut Ginger Pho Soup for the Soul

For those of you readers that follow me on Facebook, you know that my family and I have been sick for the last week. Tonight, I was finally feeling up to making something for us for dinner and all that I could think about was that I wanted some Pho. Before I went vegan, whenever I was sick, Pho was my go to soup since I am not a fan of most other really brothy soups. Continue reading “Vegan Coconut Ginger Pho Soup for the Soul”

Sweet Potato, Lentil, and Kale Soup for the Manliest of Bearded Lumberjacks…and everyone else too

I used to think that I didn't like soup. I believed, that soup was just this bland watered down stomach filler, that usually made me hungrier than every just an hour or two after eating it. Now, a year and a half into a vegetarian life-style and I have discovered my love for fragrant flavor bursting soups that are so hearty, even a manly bearded lumberjack would go home with a full stomach.  Continue reading “Sweet Potato, Lentil, and Kale Soup for the Manliest of Bearded Lumberjacks…and everyone else too”

Make Your Own Natural Citrus Softscrub For Your Sinks, Tubs, and Toilets!

I have a “friend” with a bathtub that is so gross, they didn't even want their name to be revealed out of embarrassment, but they did want me to find a great way to clean their bathtub (and sinks, toilets, etc.). I knew that they were looking for a soft scrub, so I got to work finding a recipe that would help to clean up all of the nastiness that was caked on the bathtub's floor.  After a preliminary search of the internet, I found pretty much the same recipes everywhere that I went, and all of them combined both vinegar AND castile soap, and as I have been learning (from Lisa Bronner's blog), that is a big no-no. Continue reading “Make Your Own Natural Citrus Softscrub For Your Sinks, Tubs, and Toilets!”

The Hippy Homemaker’s Homemade Elderberry Cold & Flu Syrup

I am going crazy hearing about the epidemic that the flu virus has become here in the United States! Somehow, the Hippy Husband, Syfy, and I have managed to skip out on being sick, so far, this winter season. I would give a large amount of credit to the natural methods I have been employing around our house, to keep germs out. The most awesome naturopathic weapon that I have in my medical kit, is my bottle of Sambucus (an elderberry cold and flu syrup that you can get at the grocery store for around $5.00).  This bottle is incredibly small for the price of $5.00. It tells you to take it 2-4 times a day, YIKES! For that much money, I just can't afford to take it as often as it was suggesting, so I went searching around for my own recipe instead! After researching the ingredients I came up with my own recipe to share with you guys, and it most definitely saves you money too! I kicked up this recipe a notch by adding echinacea and rosehips for extra immune boosting properties and vitamin C! Rosehips are FULL of vitamin C! You don't have to add these to the recipe but they definitely give this recipe an added boost to your immune system. Continue reading “The Hippy Homemaker's Homemade Elderberry Cold & Flu Syrup”

Have the SOFTEST Laundry Ever By Adding Homemade Softener Crystals to Your Wash

I keep seeing commercials for the new Downy fabric softener crystals and mention of the Purex softener crystals in blogs that I read through. You know that I will not use those in my house because of all of the cancer and allergen causing chemicals that those products are laden with, but I still was on the lookout to better my laundry soap recipe with something natural that works along the lines of what those products claim to do. Continue reading “Have the SOFTEST Laundry Ever By Adding Homemade Softener Crystals to Your Wash”

The Hippy Juicing Cleanse - 3 days of detox

The Hippy Husband and I have been trying a lot of things to bring more nutrients and health into our lives and to help him lose some of the beer belly he has acquired over the years. After watching the documentary Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead, both Andy and I were convinced more than ever that we needed to put our health at the forefront of our lives. We thought that a juice fast would be the perfect way for us to be able to cleanse our bodies of all of the toxins that we have built up, and maybe slim down a little just before spring comes around. Continue reading “The Hippy Juicing Cleanse - 3 days of detox”

Homemade Love For Silas Thor

In the spirit of the holiday season, I have been on a mission to come up with holiday traditions that keep that magic without the need for Santa Claus. Yes, you heard right. The Hippy Husband and I don't feel the need to propagate the Santa Claus myth in our household. I am aware that most of you think that I am crazy for not partaking in the “magic of Christmas” (believe me, I heard it from my own parents when we told them.) in our household. Continue reading “Homemade Love For Silas Thor”

Homemade Holiday Scented Play Dough For The Little Ones In Your Life

I love playing with play dough. I have always been one of those artsy types of people; as a child, anything that my mom would suggest, that had to do with crafting, I was on board. Now, as a mom myself, I am always turning to the arts and crafts on those rainy days, and pretty much every day in between! One of Syfy's favorite things to do is play with play dough! What kid (or adult for that matter) doesn't like to mold and sculpt their every whim into playdough?  Continue reading “Homemade Holiday Scented Play Dough For The Little Ones In Your Life”