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Spinach & Feta Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms aka AWESOMENESS!

I just LOVE, love, LOVE Portobello mushrooms. Well really, I just love mushrooms in general. When I order a pizza and there is a one topping deal, you guessed it, I order with mushrooms. Recently, it has been discovered the nutritional power of mushrooms. Most people thought that they were just nutritionless fillers for your meals, but these babies are chock FULL of a VERY important vitamin, Vitamin D. The only other thing that gives you vitamin D in such large quantities (naturally, not fortified) is the sun. Read more »

A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole: Part 4

It has been getting more and more difficult to write this story. For so long I have said that I wanted to write my memoirs, but I just didn’t have the guts to actually go through with it. Until recently, I had no idea that I was avoiding certain emotions that are bonded to these stories. I have been telling the story of my first surgery for so long that that one is easy to tell, but now that we are entering territory that is still tender, I am learning to write FROM the emotions, not hide them. I am so proud of myself for getting to this point Read more »

Ozeri 3 Piece Green Earth Frying Pans, Better For You AND Mother Earth

After using our roommate’s old teflon covered frying pans and constantly scraping stuck on food off of a supposedly non-stick surface, I had finally had enough and decided it was time we purchased a set of our own, (especially since said roommate will be leaving us soon). As always, I started my search on Amazon. At first, I wasn’t searching for pans that were “environmentally conscious,” as I had no clue that the teflon pans we use are so terrible for our health Read more »

A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole: Part 3

I have been asked many times in my life, if given the chance, would I change all that I have been through just to be normal and pain free. My answer has ALWAYS been the same; a very adamant “NO!”. If I had not been given these wonderful rare chances to test my perseverance, I would have never discovered my amazing capabilities. I would have never fallen in love with myself. I would probably have not learned to accept and love EVERYONE ELSE’S DIFFERENCES for what they are.
Read more »

A Little Further Down the Rabbit Hole: Part 2

All of the miracles that I have experienced in my life were due to the law of attraction. (No, not the physics one, but I feel ya on thinking that one first!) I never really knew it at the time, but the reason that I was able to come out of this battle literally standing up (as opposed to sitting down in a wheelchair), was because I told myself that I could. That’s what this entire story boils down to. I knew that I could. I am like that little choo choo train engine that is constantly going “I KNOW I can, I KNOW I can, I KNOW I can!” Read more »

Portobello Pot Pie For The Comfort Foodist

I LOVE comfort food! When I went vegetarian, there were quite a few comfort food dishes that I felt like I HAD to try and make vegetarian. Pot pies are definitely on the top of that comfort food list. I made this for Thanksgiving 2011 and Christmas dinner 2011. We were new to being vegetarians and I had no idea what to make for Thanksgiving main dish. Side dishes are easy as vegetarian, but I just couldn’t imagine something replacing my turkey on the big day. Read more »

Green Cleaning in the Bathroom

What is considered to be one of the grossest rooms in the house? I am pretty sure every one of you said the BATHROOM! Going green in the bathroom is not that hard to do. Switching out a few things can help reduce your footprint greatly! There are tons of natural cleaners that work wonders in the bathroom as well! By now, I am starting to realize just how AMAZING vinegar around the house is. It most certainly is going to do some powerhouse cleaning in my bathroom too. When we first started cleaning with vinegar, I wasn’t really into the smell that went with it. Read more »

A Little Further Down the Rabbit Hole: Part 1

I made my own tab “Christina’s Corner,” just so that I could write about whatever was on my mind. I keep hearing some of the same questions about my reasons behind our lifestyle changes. It’s so hard to answer that question with just one small answer, so I am pretty sure this will be a two parter. As most of my current readers know (Only because they know me, don’t worry if you don’t! I am about to tell you a little bit more about myself.), my health was the very first reason that I took us down the vegetarian path. Read more »

Sassy Southwest Black Bean Salad

In the heat of the summer, I love a good cold bean salad. They’re hardy, yet they don’t make your body have to heat up too much digesting them. There are so many different combinations that you can do with bean salads too. This bean salad calls for taco seasoning, but you can also forgo that and use a balsamic vinegar and Italian seasons. You can try out a different taste and use a sesame dressing with this, though I do love a good pasta salad with sesame dressing. Read more »


Make Your Own Watercolor Paints That Are NON-TOXIC

I had intended for this post to come out last Sunday, but these paints took MUCH longer than I had anticipated to dry. I was so excited to try these out, I kept checking every day to see if they were done. Silas saw them drying on the counter top and was just about as antsy as I was to paint with these! Today, the paints were FINALLY dry and ready to paint with, Read more »

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