What’s in Your Scentsy Wax Melts? DIY Non-Toxic Wax Tarts

Have you seen those cute little blocks of square wax tarts that seem to pop up everywhere, at every  festival, carnival, and mall kiosk that you pass by? I see these wax tarts EVERYWHERE that I go. I love the idea behind wickless candles and diffusing scent throughout my home, but whenever I pass by one of these stands, I can not seem to get a straight answer from any representatives on the actual ingredients list for these Scentsy wax melts. Finally, after seeing one too many of these stands and going into all of my friend's homes and seeing these candle warmers all over the place, I decided it was time to create my own wax tarts for my home! With as many friends and family members that own one of these, this is going to be the perfect homemade gift for everyone I know! Continue reading “What's in Your Scentsy Wax Melts? DIY Non-Toxic Wax Tarts”