DIY Elderberry Orange Immune Support Gummy Snacks

Last week the kiddo came home from school more tired than usual. Within an hour of being home, he started complaining that his whole body ached and suddenly without warning his temperature shot up through the roof. With the news constantly talking about all the flu cases in my area, and my personal social media page full of friends and family members that are down for the count, I knew immediately that he had come down with the flu. Continue reading “DIY Elderberry Orange Immune Support Gummy Snacks”

Defend Yourself - A DIY Immune Boosting Tea & Tincture

With cold & flu season just around the corner, Ebola scaring the world, and Enterovirus D68 sweeping across the nation, I have gone into super immune-boosting mode.  These last couple winters have been amazing! I have seen first hand how a well supported immune system can hold up when everyone else around me is getting sick. With everything that I have been learning about health, nutrition and our body's immune system, I have realized that health definitely doesn't come in plastic prescription bottles. Health starts from the inside out! Continue reading “Defend Yourself - A DIY Immune Boosting Tea & Tincture”