I’ll Love You To The Moon And Back - A Bella Luna Toys Review

Last Christmas I didn't expect to end up buying my list of favorite natural toys and art supplies twice, but a really close blogging friend of mine found out that her home was full of toxic mold that had been making them very ill. Their Doctor told them to leave everything they owned, ten days before Christmas. EVERYTHING. I couldn't imagine her little girl going through Christmastime having to give up their entire lives, so I talked to my mom (who helped me put together a bunch of clothes for them) and ended up shipping her everything I had purchased for Syfy from Bella Luna Toys. As I was doing this, I immediately went to their website, ordered what I needed, and before Christmas arrived, I had everything that I needed. Continue reading “I'll Love You To The Moon And Back - A Bella Luna Toys Review”

DIY Natural Herbal Ink & Feather Pen - Natural Hippy Homeschool Series

I am not sure why, but somehow I always thought that ink-making was a thing of the past. I grew up with pens that just worked automatically and never really knew where or how ink was made. I am not even sure that I cared about ink and it's history until I took it upon myself to learn how to make ink for myself. It may sound silly, but I find the idea of being able to make EVERYTHING that we need to sustain our livelihoods, without having to rely on some other source, to be really awesome. Ink is one of those things that is needed for so many purposes and is very easy to create. Saving knowledge, writing letters, and learning to read and write, all require ink (when no computers are involved!). Because of ink, we are able to grasp our history and learn from mistakes.  Continue reading “DIY Natural Herbal Ink & Feather Pen - Natural Hippy Homeschool Series”