Homemade Clay & Beeswax Holiday Ornaments

One of my favorite holiday traditions that my mom and I would do together every year, was to make handmade and hand painted ornaments. Every year we would go to the local craft stores and get all of our supplies, then we would make an afternoon of it together, molding and shaping, painting, and glittering our creations. Some years we purchased ornaments that simply needed painting, while other years we got creative and turned pine cones into ornaments. To create diversity on our tree, we always liked to mix it up every year and make different types of ornaments. I have totally been wanting to continue the tradition with Syfy, and this year we made two different types of ornaments. I was hoping to make  ornaments that we could also add a bit of aromatherapy too because you know how I love to turn everything into an aromatherapy moment. Continue reading “Homemade Clay & Beeswax Holiday Ornaments”