Start the New Year With Clear Skin - DIY Detoxifying Herbal Goddess Face Mask

It's the dawn of a new year, and I am feeling the yearly need to detoxify myself inside and out! I know I am not alone, so this year I have a whole slew of detoxifying posts to help get you through this first month of the new year. Really, though, you could choose to detoxify yourself at any point during the year! I love to try and focus on detoxification once a month!

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Save Money Making Your Own Herbal Hydrosols and Flower Waters

I have a secret ingredient that I prefer to use in place of the water in ALL of my DIY beauty products and toiletries. Hydrosols, aka flower waters! I first came across hydrosols in my essential oil studies. I had learned that they were a result of making essential oils, essentially a byproduct. I was fascinated by these gentle essential oil infused waters. Along the way, I learned a lot more about them and their many uses and varieties. I wanted to purchase every hydrosol that I came across but was sorely disappointed when I realized that I couldn't afford  to purchase all of the hydrosols that I wanted. What is a DIY loving hippy to do? Make it myself, of course! Now you can too!

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Grow Your Lashes to Envious Lengths - DIY Herbal Infused Eyelash Growth Serum

Why are guys the ones with gorgeously long and thick eyelashes that every woman would kill for? I know that I am not the only envious one out there! I have lived my entire life with thin blonde-tipped eyelashes, that just don't show up to the party without a few coats of some good mascara. While there are some eyelash serums on the market that profess miraculous results, their ingredients are less than stellar, many of which are known carcinogens. Like all of my other beauty products, this is what led me to create my own herbal infused eyelash growth serum, instead. Continue reading

Beauty From Your Pantry The Bohemi Babes Top 11 Favorites - Episode 6

There's food on your face…that's pretty much the theme of my entire natural beauty routine! Today's Bohemi Babes blab show is going to blow your mind! We're talking all about the MANY uses of items in your kitchen pantry and fridge! Today's episode, we are focusing on our top 11 items from your pantry to take care of ALL of your beauty needs! You'll be surprised at the many ways you can use coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, gelatin, and more! They aren't just for eating anymore, that's for sure!
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DIY Honey Cinnamon Lip Scrub

Winter has done a number on my lips this year. They have been so dry, chapped, cracked, and peeling that I can't seem to help but to bite the skin off of them, making my lips even worse off. Even though I knew that I needed a lip scrub, I was totally unwilling to shell out the dough
that people were asking for their lip scrubs, when I knew that I can easily make a great tasting one with ingredients from my pantry. Continue reading