We’re Homeschooling the Nature Way With “A Child’s World” Nature Inspired Curriculum - #HippyHomeschool Giveaway

What is nature to you? To me, nature is a classroom full of endless possibilities, with lessons ready to be learned, and answers to all of my deepest questions. I grew up out in nature. It has always felt like my REAL home and is the one place where I am able to let go and forget all of my outside worries. Nature has been a driving force in my education as well. As a child, I was deeply fascinated with the ocean and the rainforest. I was obsessed with learning more about each of these biomes, and spent hours taking up our 1 phone line, using the internet to search for more information. This was truly the beginning of my green loving hippy ways. Nature has been at the heart of my education, from the day that my dad took me on my first hike. Continue reading “We're Homeschooling the Nature Way With “A Child's World” Nature Inspired Curriculum - #HippyHomeschool Giveaway”

We’re Starting Kindergarten! Create Your Own Natural Hippy Homeschool

It's crazy to me, how time flies. On the day that Syfy was born, I can vaguely remember wondering to myself what it would be like to have a school age child. I thought, “Only the best for him” (like just about every mom out there). At first, I didn't realize that that meant I was going to be his Kindergarten teacher. I didn't go into parenthood planning to homeschool, it just somehow found me, and then followed me around until I finally agreed to do it.  Continue reading “We're Starting Kindergarten! Create Your Own Natural Hippy Homeschool”