I’ll Love You To The Moon And Back - A Bella Luna Toys Review

Last Christmas I didn't expect to end up buying my list of favorite natural toys and art supplies twice, but a really close blogging friend of mine found out that her home was full of toxic mold that had been making them very ill. Their Doctor told them to leave everything they owned, ten days before Christmas. EVERYTHING. I couldn't imagine her little girl going through Christmastime having to give up their entire lives, so I talked to my mom (who helped me put together a bunch of clothes for them) and ended up shipping her everything I had purchased for Syfy from Bella Luna Toys. As I was doing this, I immediately went to their website, ordered what I needed, and before Christmas arrived, I had everything that I needed. Continue reading “I'll Love You To The Moon And Back - A Bella Luna Toys Review”

Fostering an Herbal Lifestyle Through Play - A Simple Gifts Toys Review

As an aromatherapist and herbalist, I somewhat cringe at all of the kid's doctors kits on the market. They only cater to one type of doctor, but there are many types of healers out there and I would like my child to know that not ALL medicine comes from conventional places. Don't get me wrong. Doctors have their place and I revere them for it, but our generation has become so out of touch with taking care of minor problems, that many people have been raised to go to the doctor for EVERY SINGLE THING, whether it warrants a doctor's care or not. I can understand this sentiment because I used to be one of them myself. Continue reading “Fostering an Herbal Lifestyle Through Play - A Simple Gifts Toys Review”

Faeries, Magik, and Knights of the Realm - A Wildflower Toys Review

Today Sir Silas went on an epic adventure. This brave knight did not go on his journey alone, he was joined by his most favorite Princess who's good with a bow, Merida, a faerie named Bob, and a Master Wizard who wishes to keep his identity secret. This merry crew traversed afar in search of the “great purple rectangle mountain” (a purple yoga block), for within this magick mountain lies the sword of ice, pretty much the greatest sword ever!

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All You Need is a Basket Full of Silks and Your Imagination - A Sarah’s Silks Review

What adult could have guessed that a basket full of silk squares in a myriad of colors could equal the best time ever for a young child? Certainly not me. When I first began my journey reading about Waldorf education and the natural toys that went with it, I must admit that I totally laughed a little at the rainbow silks being sold in the natural stores. I had read that they are extremely popular in Waldorf kindergartens and that children LOVED them for their ability to use them for all sorts of open-ended imaginative play. “Really?!?” I thought to myself. It seemed that my adult imagination couldn't see passed the simplicity of it all. Boy, was I in for a fun surprise!

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Easter Basket Alternatives to Candy (and Syfy’s Waldorf Inspired Easter Basket!)

With Spring time officially here and Easter in a week, I decided to put together an Easter basket for Syfy that would help to also build up our Waldorf style homeschool classroom. I have NEVER been the kind of girl to put candy in Easter baskets or Christmas stalkings. When I was little, the memories that I have are the ones that my own Mother gave me by putting cute accessories,  jewelry,  gift cards, pencils, pencil tops/erasers, and other crafty little doowahickeys in our Easter baskets and stalkings. My sister and I always got really excited by this too! We didn't care that our friends were getting baskets full of candy because when their candy ran out, we knew that our sweet gifts would still be in use. Continue reading “Easter Basket Alternatives to Candy (and Syfy's Waldorf Inspired Easter Basket!)”