There’s Food On Your Face DIY Natural Facial Care W/The Bohemi Babes - Episode 5

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There's food on your face! There is if you are making your own natural facial care products! Tonight on The Bohemi Babes Show, Kylie and I are talking all about natural facial care, why you should be paying attention to what you are putting on your face, why we don't use soap to cleanse our faces, and even all about our own facial care routines (which are slightly different from one another, but both effective!)

There's Food On Your Face - DIY Natural Facial Care
Episode 5 (10/20/15)

My natural facial care routine is a 4-step process

  1. Cleanse - Kylie and I don't use soap on our face! We have found that it's too harsh, washes away all that precous sebum, and can exacerbate many different skin conditions from acne to rosacea. I prefer to make and use my cleansing grains for my daily facial cleanser, but I do sometimes like to make an alternative to soap, my Creamy Soapwort Facial Cleanser.
  2. Tone - One of the most often forgotten steps, toners are needed to help close the pores and make sure all the excess dirt is wiped away! This important 2nd step is also super easy to make yourself!
  3. Moisturize - Moisturizing is as easy as mixing a couple carrier oils together and using a few drops after cleansing and toning your face! A tiny bit goes a LONG way. I love to make my Foxy Face moisturizing serum! This serum is customizable to your face type.
  4. Sometimes use facemasks - Once every week or two I will do a mudmask on my face too! This Acne Attack Face Mask is my favorite to use when I am having troubles with breakouts!

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